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In recent years, I am interested in depictions of the people in specific stories, such as folktales , fairy tales , nursery tales and mythologies .

I refer to such a person as a "図形的登場人物 "(in English "flat characters ","depthless characters" etc.) in the words of Max Lüthi (1909, Bern – 1991, Zurich) , a researcher in European folklore literature.



In summary, "図形的登場人物" mean people whose personal depictions and emotional expressions have been excluded or omitted in order to prioritize the whole story flow.They can be said to be simple things like 2D shapes, which are to just promote their development in a large flow.



In the case of my works, I do not draw them as illustrations true to the story. The sentences that produce "図形的登場人物 " include lack of information and vivid, simple expressions.In short, my painting purpose is to explain the hidden parts under the epidermis of the such tales, such as incomprehensible qualities, absurdities, and emotions.



And now, in order to achieve that purpose, I think that it is necessary to use materiality and abstraction on concrete images, and to make a screen with less clear story transmission.For example, flat colors and direct materiality, symbolic forms and abstract places,I think that it is possible to express the existence considered to be under the epidermis of the story in the contrast and fusion of the above elements.



From these ideas, my recent paintings have been generated.

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比如,瑞士的民俗文学研究员;Max Lüthi 说的“图形的登场人物”。在“图形的登场人物”里最重要的是整个故事的流程,所以能省略个人的绘画和感情想象。是我得到更丰富的绘画想象力和对人物的细致的刻划。