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I am exploring a new possibility of painting in a competing relationship between narrative and material (‘matière’ or painting texture).

Currently, I focus on ‘figure-like characters’ as subjects for their strong affinity to this purpose.

The term ‘figure-like characters’ refers to people in narratives like folklore, whose portrayal as individuals and whose emotional expressions are disregarded or omitted for the sake of the storyline.

Taking the silence that exists in this omission as my reins or fuel,

I attempt to create a state of tension on the canvas by clashing the image emerging there and the paints together.


比如,瑞士的民俗文学研究员;Max Lüthi 说的“图形的登场人物”。在“图形的登场人物”里最重要的是整个故事的流程,所以能省略个人的绘画和感情想象。是我得到更丰富的绘画想象力和对人物的细致的刻划。


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